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NEARLY Perfect by Jamie on 08/02/2021

This is genuinely amazing. The detail is some of the best I've ever seen, and is comfortable to wear, but it's not perfect. It comes in two parts, the "arm" and the "claws". The arm is essentially a sleeve, and the claws more like a glove. My only problem, is that the fabric on the glove is not the best quality. When I first put the glove on, it ripped a sizable hole in the fabric. This is only a minor issue, and hopefully, it's a one-off issue unique to my glove. Otherwise, I would have no issues with this at all. Overall, I have no problem recommending this. It's INCREDIBLE

ADI by EUGENIA on 06/12/2020


Love this costume by Pharna on 05/17/2020

This is the best Chun-Li costume I've ever seen. This outfit is so much better than other ones for sale online. - Shiny & stretchy spandex fabric - Amazing attention to detail with the gold trim - 2 piece construction provides added support as the panty won't slip since it is a leotard! Excellent. I highly recommend this costume if you can afford it. It's just so much better than the others.

Awesome MMPR Blue boots by Mark R. on 05/13/2020

Excellent communication while being informed about re-checking my measurements correctly. With the proper adjustments, the final product fits perfectly and comfy. Will get a set of MMPR Red boots once proceeding with that cosplay in the near future.

Ansome by Ryan on 05/07/2020

Good very good

best by Trisyya on 01/04/2020


purchase by MacAttackCosplay on 11/18/2019

They did a really great job 10/10 would get a cosplay made threw them again

Looks Comic BOOK ACCURATE TO ME by Mark on 04/08/2019

ALL that I can say is looks simply amassing. You get the magenta/purple goblin ski cap/hat complete tunic/trunks combo a pair of custom style Goblin 60s'1985 Goblin boots magenta /purple custom made/ a pair of magenta /purple colored goblin style gloves & a light brownish/light beige colored satchel /purse to carry your goblin bombs around in & bedevil Spider-Man with. This is da BOMB

is it good by jack on 09/17/2018

im sad that it dose not come with a sword

Really high quality by Wezzup on 08/03/2018

The quality of the product surprised me very positively. The axes are detailed colored and aren't too heavy to carry around when cosplaying. The paint on the axes, especially the handles look amazing and like real metal. Very good quality props, definitely recommend

Best purchase ever by Fahad S on 12/05/2017

What a great mask the quality of the materials are extraordinary I would buy from the same company any new stuff like Tobi Rinnegan Mask.

The ultimate green ranger cosplay by Chris on 06/23/2017

This green ranger cosplay is perfect for someone who legitimately wants to be the green ranger. High quality materials used. Seller is very Kind and replies quickly to all the questions I had.

Thank you M'am discusion by Takeshi Hatanaka on 01/17/2017

I love this mask I just got it and I am soooooo happy with the quality

This mask is cool! I love it! by Trevor on 10/24/2016

I bought other masks of Kaneki before but so far this one is the best

Highest Quality Ken Kaneki Mask! 11/10 by Ryuzaki on 10/24/2016

This is the best mask I've seen so far and it uses high quality materials! Great mask!!

Excellent! by Faith on 08/12/2016

This costume is amazingly accurate to the actual clothing in the anime, good quality, and just overall amazing! My only complaint is it runs small. I had to cut the bottom of the shorts for me to fit in it. Get it a bit bigger then your size so it isn't too tight!

Quick Delivery! by Dan on 07/17/2016

Ordered maybe 1 or 2 months ago and received it yesterday. The communication with the maker was EXCELLENT! I made a mistake with measurements and contacted them to correct it and they quickly replied. The jacket fits just right, if not just a little bit tight at the shoulders, but I can still move easily. Gloves are fragile to put on, with stitching a bit weak at the wrists, but look stunning! Belts and such are easy to put on thanks to velcro. I was very pleased with the whole experience, price and actual product. I recommend it for people looking for a great Mei cosplay!

Review of Purchase by Mr.E on 07/06/2016

I just received my order of this armor yesterday (July 5th, 2016) and I am extremely satisfied with the craftsmanship of the final product. Throughout the process, they were very friendly and responded to and questions that I had in a timely manner (with in 1 business day). Their English is a little broken, but that is really not a big deal. I could understand them perfectly and they were very helpful. I live in the United States and did not expect the full suit to arrive with no flaws do to shipping oversea and across thousands of miles. That said, upon receiving the package, I opened it to find a couple pieces were coming apart where they were glued together and some parts of the paint job were marked or stuck together. I just asked what I could do to remedy the problems and they gave me some sound advice. Final words: I recommend this to anyone that is interested, just don't expect perfection unless you live right across the street. It is at a very reasonable price and is worth the wait.

The Best! by Claire on 06/30/2016

These guys do NOT know the meaning of imperfection. The coat is perfect to look at, and so ridiculously comfortable, it feels like being wrapped in a warm blanket!

Amazing! by C.C on 05/24/2016

This has been the least amount of hassle I've ever had in commissioning a costume! These guys are super nice, quick to respond, made sure I had a say in production, and shipped incredibly fast! Saving up for an Overwatch costume next from these guys!

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Tailor Made Cosplay Store is ranked 4.9 out of 5. Based on 554 user reviews.